April 30, 2013

Top 10 Simple SEO Search Engine Optimization Tips for New Bloggers

To know SEO search engine optimization tips and tricks you first learn search engine optimization basics. Webmasters struggle for traffic because traffic keeps website alive. Without more traffic your business definitely doesn't go far. 

10 Simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for New Bloggers

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Never Use Too Many Ads: webmasters sometimes use too many ads to get more adsense revenue but they forget that visitors get annoying while see many ads around your website. Visitors will not come back that means you lose regular traffic. To protect your website, you must use one or two sides for ads. Your site looks like you are no hunger for revenue and your intention is just to help visitors.

Never Use Pop-Up Window Type Ads: The worst thing happens when visitor click on one of your articles and a pop up window opens. Visitors then feel annoying because of such cheap idea. Sometimes I find that three pop up windows open together as long as I click on any of the buttons on web pages.

Always Use Popular High Paying Keyword: if you use keywords against which the advertisers pay big amount then visitors could easily find you.

Show Top News In A Small Section: visitors search online for news, information where they mainly search fresh and updated news. If you put the hot and top news in a section of your home pages, people come to your site regularly.

Write Ebook And Publish Online: either chooses some of your popular articles or takes niche of your website and write an eBook for 30 to 50 pages. Include your website’s logo and URLs in every page and give a short description about your site in the beginning of this book. Give the distributable right to visitors.

Always Thank Your Potential Visitors: show warm greeting for visiting your website where they will discover what they want and what are the solutions to their problems. Give a short note about what the visitors are going to find here. It convinces the people that they have come to the right place.

Start An Interesting Poll: now days after Facebook users’ start pull about any interesting topic and the last thing I remember a poll was about who love you most. At your website, make a poll about “what is your best way to get traffic?” Invite your visitors to answer this question and comment or suggestion on this poll then see if your visitors feel interesting about it they will answer your question and ultimately your traffic will increase.

Ask Friends To Invite Their Friends: if you have 500 friends, tell at least 300 friends to invite their friends to visit your website. Give your site’s URLs to them.

Email To Your Friends: collect email from your friends and email them to visit your post as long as you post an article.

Create An Attractive Logo To Publish: the logo you create must be matched with your website such that anyone can understand what your website is about while see your logo. Publish it in your Facebook profile and other social networking site just like a brand. You can also post it on photo sharing sites like Flixya.com or Flicker.com. Write your website address below the logo.

Using these useful and valuable search engine optimization (SEO) tips and tricks any blogger can get high quality traffic, get high search engine ranking and at the same time avoid many search engine optimization (SEO) mistakes. If you follow these simple SEO methods search engine will not penalize you, moreover, you can satisfy both web site visitors and search engines. 


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