October 25, 2013

20 Free SEO Analysis Reporting Tools And Software

Use this list of free SEO analysis reporting tools and software for complete on-page and off-page SEO analysis for a website. If you are one of the website owners or work for SEO Company then you need to create SEO report to analyze the position and ranking of your client website to improve SEO ranking. These SEO reporting tools make your job easy and you can get complete SEO analysis report within a minute. 


Who needs SEO reporting tools and software? Suppose you are working as freelancer and get a job to ranking your client’s website into first page of SERP then at first you need to know the position of this website, so with the help of these tools you can produce SEO report including keyword position, backlink strategies, ranking position etc. Large SEO companies who work for big website to improve ranking or to bring traffic, they can use enterprise version of these tools and software to analyze the website.

I have made this post accumulating as many free, trail and paid SEO analysis reporting tools and software as possible to make the job easier for the website owners as they can choose the best SEO reporting tools and software.

List of SEO reporting tools and software

1. Woorank
Pricing: free trial and paid
It is excellent online marketing software for small businesses. Almost 800,000 online marketers from 64 countries use this software every day. You can generate in-depth SEO report and perform competitor analysis. With premium version you can create campaign and improve your site’s SEO ranking. 

2. Small SEO Tools
Pricing: free
Small SEO tools provide some important SEO analysis tools like Google page rank, duplicate checker, keyword position, backlink checker, backlink maker and link tracker etc. Everything here is free and this tool is suitable for small website owners.

3. SEMrush Competitors Research
Pricing: Free and paid
SEMrush is actually known as advance keyword research and competitor analysis tool. It collects huge amount of SERP data for more than 95 million keywords and 45 million domains. You can analysis organic position of keywords, landing URLs, search volume of targeted keywords and CPC.

4. How Good Is Your SEO
Pricing: free
How good is your SEO is beta version of SEO analysis tool which perform your site’s SERP and ranking position and email you the report as PDF.

5. Free SEO Report
Pricing: free and paid
This website looks like Woorank but is good for both enterprise and small website owners.

6. Open Site Explorer
This is most familiar and used SEO tool for online marketer. Almost every 8 out of 10 marketers use this site to analyze website. You can get inbound links report, anchor text position, page rank, domain authority and many more.

7. Majestic SEO
Pricing: free and paid
Majestic SEO is one of the largest link intelligence database and using this site you can produce link profile of a website and compare the backlinks with others.

8. SEO Site Check Up
Pricing: free
This search engine optimization tool helps to analyze Meta tag, test keywords, test H1 and H2 tag, and analyze robot.txt. You can also get free custom SEO report within short time.

9. Traffic Travis
Pricing: free
Traffic travis is highly useful SEO software to improve search engine ranking. This tool helps to check your website health, monitor ranking position, analyze competitor, and find respected link partners and so more. Simply download this software and use.

10. SEO Report Card
Pricing: free and paid
SEO report card is free SEO tool which can be used to grade your website and track current backlinks and on-page keywords analysis.

11. Web CEO
Pricing: free and paid
Web CEO is one of the number 1 SEO software which helps your site to be ranked and to be in the first page in the SERP. You can set marketing campaign, analyze the current position, promote your business online and track your performance. You can get these amazing services with 30 days trial without credit card information.

12. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool
Pricing: free and paid
Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool is small desktop program to analyze a website from on-page perspective. You can analysis deep on-page SEO elements like URLs, Meta descriptions, images, H1 and H2 tag, and title tag into excel and audit them and correct them if any issue occurs.   

13. Ahrefs Site Explorer
Pricing: free and paid
With ahrefs you can generate complete SEO report. You can see ranking search queries, inbound and outbound backlinks, backlinks types, TLD’s distribution, referring IP, links with anchor text and mush more.

14. Web Me Up Backlink Tool
Pricing: new SEO analysis tool to generate backlinks with free of charge. It publishes not only your website’s SEO data but also your competitors’ SEO data which makes easy for you to beat the competitors and rank website. Web Me Up performs in-depth SEO analysis.

15. Google Webmaster SEO Tool
Pricing: free
As we all know Google is the lion search engine around the world so it analyzes the website very well. Google offers that opportunity to the website owners and SEO firms to generate trusted high valued SEO report. You can get crawler status, traffic sources and position, keywords SERP, index report.

16. Bing Webmaster Tool
Pricing: free
Like Google, Bing has its own webmaster tool for Bing users to track traffic, to analyze keywords, to see the CPC and much more information.

17. Website Analyzer Tool
Pricing: free
This tool is used to analyze WebPages SEO optimization based on some parameters. It doesn’t count social bookmark and page rank.

18. SEO Workers
Pricing: free
SEO Workers is the SEO (search engine optimization) analysis tool which helps you to analyze and measure the ranking potential of your website. It uses some spider technology and has Firefox extension.

19. Site Trail Web Analysis Tool
Pricing: free
Site Trail is all-in-one website analysis tool at free of cost. The exclusive features of this site are SEO analysis, visitor analysis, social media analysis, traffic analysis, revenue analysis, domain analysis, link analysis and content analysis.

20. SEO Mastering
Pricing: free
You can audit website using this tool. It helps to compare two website from the SEO perspective.

These SEO analyses reporting tools and software measure the current situation of your website set the corrective measure and campaign the optimization steps and monitor your performance. 

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