September 19, 2014

How to Get Indexed New Blog Post in Google Fast

Do you need to get indexed your new post in Google fast? Google doesn't index your blog or post within 48 hours? Here are the simple tips I follow to index within 2 minutes. 
I have seen in many forums and groups that bloggers are complaining about getting indexed their blogs by Google and in some cases Google doesn't index the new post within 1 week. But I have never faced this sort of problem instead my new post get indexed by Google within 2 minutes after publishing.

3 Steps to get indexed new blog post in Google within 2 minutes
Step 1: Submit your post to Google Webmaster Tool: after publishing your post, go to Google and search “submit site to Google” and submit your post URL. You need to sign in to submit.



Step 2: Ping to Pingomatic: go to and copy/past your post title and URL, and click submit.


Step 3: Ping to Pingler: go to and copy/past your published post’s URL and title, select category and press ping.


To know if the Google index your post, copy/past the post URL to Google and check the first search result. Usually after completing step 1, 2 and 3 Google will index your post, but if you don’t see your post in Google then you have to submit your post to Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon and then your post will be indexed. 


To get indexed your post in Google, you need to get indexed your website first unless Google doesn't find your post.  To get indexed your website submits your website and XML site map to Google webmaster tool. If you still face any problem regarding to get indexed, let me know below comments. 

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