November 2, 2014

Google SEO Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide Official

Welcome to Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
This Google’s search engine optimization starter guide post is for absolute new who is about to start own blog and who is a freelancer gets a job of search engine optimization but don’t know exactly how to SEO.


Recently I have published a SEO FAQ about what is SEO search engine optimization for newbie explaining the meaning of SEO and the first step of search engine ranking guide. Also I have explained the part of SEO; On-page SEO checklists and top SEO analysis tools and software. 

Remember the concept of SEO is never same how it was before because every few months Google updates Panda and thousands of websites get penalty, to recover from Google update or not to get caught by Google Panda the new bloggers must follow the changing methodology of SEO. However, there is basic search engine optimizations we all have to follow, because these will never change.

Google SEO search engine optimization starter guide is developed by Google search engine team to help within the Google, but sooner they thought it would be useful to share with whom the term “SEO” is new and who want to improve their search engine ranking.

Google officially published this PDF guide to help and to inform the general optimization footprint, it would be wrong if you think Google publishes their search secret in this guide. Take this as fundamental roadway and implement the techniques. Following their guide will make your site get crawled easier, faster, and get visible to search engine as soon as possible.

Search engine optimization is one part of your whole website optimization and combining with other optimization like user experience and social media optimization you will get the maximum exposure.

Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide Table of Content

Google-SEO -Starter-Guide

What You Will Learn From This Guide?
Google’s search engine optimization starter guide uses a fictional website for example and explains step by step with example how you can optimize you website. It also describes both on-page and off-page SEO with images in details.

How You can Use this Guide?
The best options is at first registering a domain hosting and set up a theme then write study this guide and follow them. Hope you will learn the basic from this guide. Feel free to comment about Google search engine optimization starter guide PDF.

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