May 11, 2013

5 Ways to Increase Page Rank

To get Google search engine results and to increase blog traffic website has to have higher page rank, but increasing page rank is not easy SEO technique. Page rank doesn't also come so quickly. You have to put a lot of time and efforts into your website.

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When this comes to developing and promoting your blog the most important thing that you need to worry about is to working towards increasing the page rank. It is being said that Google page rank is not that much important for a site but I do not go with this point or accept this as there is always an advantage of page rank. Getting ranking in the search engines is easy when you have a good page rank.

In addition, there are a number of things that you can do to increase your page rankings as discussed here.
Writing quality content
When you write, write well, no matter how backward in the ranking system, dismay not but write very good quality contents which will slowly aid in building up your website and will slowly start to move your website forward in the page ranking system. When you write it is not important that you write only search engine optimized articles but also write good content or information rich articles which is the key to increase your page ranking. In short, content is the core of the article that you write.

Link Exchanges
This is one of the most popular methods for getting a back link which will increase your page rank. There are two kinds of links, inbound and outbound links. Inbound links are always important needed and on the other hand outbound links will leak the juice out from your site. These inbound links are advantageous as they will increase your page rank. . It is always good to do a 3-way exchange rather than a 2- way exchange i.e. A linking to C, C is linked to B and B linking to A. Buying a link is not that much recommended as it is against TOS and also not worth the money spent.

Newsletter and article exchanges 
When you are thinking of gaining back links  the best way to get them is by exchanging newsletters and articles with related websites and this is performed by swapping the articles and newsletters, which automatically will create back links for you and will in turn will work on increasing your page rank.
Internal Linking 
This way that will allow you to interlink within your old articles on your website. This one of the best ways to increase the page rank of your website, that you will find that if the back links has had a higher page rank than this will be transferred to your new page or will be an added advantage in improving the page rank amongst the increasing tough competition.

Avoid Black Hat SEO 
Google is strictly against Black hat methods so it is always best to avoid it. Keyword stuffing is a perfect example, which as discussed earlier in the article should be avoided to produce quality and information rich content in which the keywords are added naturally without the knowledge of the reader, this knack will do the trick for you by not letting your competitor know which keyword is going to work effectively for promoting websites. Google bots will differentiate between authenticated genuine contents and keyword stuffing.

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