May 11, 2013

SEO Blog Tips- 11 Simple Ways to Get Organic Traffic to Your Website

Getting organic traffic to your site is the part of SEO which is a continuous process and you must be continuously doing it. There are several ways to get organic traffic to your website. A website means the amount of Web Pages. Website traffic means how many numbers of hits the site has, how many page views during a specific time period, and how many unique visitors come to this site. Above these are signs of website traffic. 

The purpose of the website about the traffic may differ. Such as some websites want to increase the number of page views on the other hand, some want to increase the number of unique and regular visitors.

1. Search Engine Directory: at first I tell you to do to submit your website to all search engine directories as much as possible. By search engine we mean mainly Google. But you have to submit in other directories which give all most equal result.

2. Keyword: Next thing you have to do is to search keyword for your website. You know valuable keywords drive high traffic to your site. You can select keywords and target them to drive traffic. Keywords are the important driven force to your site. Because of keywords, some websites get a million hits and other get hundreds. So be wise while selecting keywords.

3. Content: Valuable content is the main and important element to drive regular visitors to your site. If you have poor content, visitors will be boarded and never come back. Always try to write valuable and attracting content. I suggest you to write articles about what you know or have little knowledge. You may search online to get more and clearer information about your topic.

4. Website Link to Other Web Sites: It will be helpful to your site to get traffic if you can place your URL on other websites. You may search websites online relate to your niche and put back link. This will help to get regular web traffic.

5. Comment on Blog: Search blogs relate to your site and comment with the URL of your site in your signature.

6. Comment on the Forums: There are many popular forums on various topics. You can select some of them which relate to your site and from where you want to drive quality traffic and give tips, advice and comments with your site URL. Suppose your site is about finance then you may register and comment on such sites which are talking about finance.

7. Update Your Site: For getting regular traffic, you have to update content around your main topic. If visitors come and see the same content than they feel boring and won’t come back.

8. Social Networking Sites: Facebook and Twitter is the most popular social networking site which helps you driving a large number of traffic to your site. Suppose you have 1000 friends in your Facebook account. You post a topic about “Top 10 bookmarking sites which give you traffic free” then put the URL with two line description about the content on your wall. One thousand friends see your wall post at a time and if valuable they come together.

9. Article Submission: Write article on a specific topic which relate to your site theme and post it in the article directories or such site where guest writers are allowed. Also add your website address at the end of the article.
10. Video Submission: It is said that the image is more eye-catching than text and video is more eye-catching than image. You can make a video on the theme of your site or a specific problem solution, tips, advice etc. and upload to YouTube. YouTube gives you embedded code of your video and you also post it on your site. Never forget to include the site address into video.

11. Email Marketing: Increase email subscribers and when you write an article then email them to know about your topic.

After applying these methods you will judge yourself that which method fits best. Keep researching and develop new method and apply them. I Hope one day your site will become the most visited website.

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