April 29, 2013

5 Super Ways to Generate Free Website Traffic

Website traffic is like blood for blogs and without traffic you cannot earn a penny. After reading this post you will get the ideas how to generate website traffic though simple 5 methods.

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What is Website Traffic?

Website traffic is simply the visitors who randomly or regularly visit a website. It measures the people who view a website. If average 1000 people visit my website daily that mean my website traffic is 1000 per day. Website traffic also measures the success and growth of a website.

Why Do You Need Website Traffic.

There are two types of website; one is commercial and another is personal. Both types of website need traffic, because the purpose of the websites is to share information, sale products and communicate with others. So if you don’t have any traffic, your purpose will not be fulfilled.

How Much Traffic Do You Need?

The number of traffic you need for your website depends on the purpose of your site. If you want to make money from Adsense revenue, you have to get lots of targeted traffic. If you sell stuff from your site, you need not more traffic but you have to get regular traffic. If you are an affiliate marketer with high priced products, you need targeted traffic. Therefore, you can follow natural link building strategies. Traffic generation is easy for who have knowledge how to attract targeted traffic, but beginners who don’t know about website traffic can follow these ways.

1.  Write Quality Web Content
The content or article you write in your website is the most critical point you have to think of.  Remember that you are entering the already established market where there are many web site owners like you, so you have to put some value in content differently unless you couldn't sell a product or make no money. Suppose you are an associate of Amazon and sell products through your website. Hundreds of associates like you who review the same product, so if you give the real review, as you are very familiar with the products, your royal visitors put faith on you and sometimes directly buy the products.

2. Don’t Send Newsletter
Nowadays, everybody who visits different website is familiar with the newsletter. It’s a common thing while you enter with a blog for information and then say to subscribe to their weekly, daily or monthly newsletter. It seems they force to buy or visit with them. However, the newsletter helps the readers to come back to website easily, but people feel bored if they get email daily. The best idea is to give them an option such as an RSS feed. This will help visitors to subscribe particular topic and you can identify what blog is popular and visit most.

3. Use Article Directories
Another way to get traffic is to write articles and post it to various article directories and linking back to your website. There are several popular article directories that allow you to submit articles free and if the directory has higher PR and many visitors, you may follow their requirements to upload article. The main requirement is you should submit quality and original articles. You can get benefit two ways; one is backlink building that increases your page rank and traffic and another is if your article comes up higher ranking than your website, visitors view your article and come to your site through backlink. This is the search engine optimization technique blogger uses.

4. Share with social media
If you are talking about social media, you simply cannot imagine the power of social networking, social bookmarking website. You can get thousands of traffic absolutely free. After publishing post share this with social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and social bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon  Delicious, Digg, Reddit and Google.

5.  Update website Frequently
You should write articles regularly to get consistent website traffic and the reason is that search engine bots crawl your website frequently if they find new and fresh content.

Traffic generation is a slow process and the interesting thing is if you have 2000 web traffic daily, your traffic will increase day by day even though you don’t follow any ways. Getting targeted traffic is like unlocking the potentiality of a website because website traffic makes what you expect from a website. Follow these steps and try to avoid making search engine optimization mistakes.

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