February 1, 2015

How to Create a SEO Friendly Website Infographic

A SEO friendly website means the site has implemented all the possible SEO factor search engines consider to rank in correct order and the search engines think your site is contributing to the internet as well as to the visitors. 

Do you know your website is losing thousands of organic traffic every day because your site is not SEO friendly? A website must have all the SEO factors unless the search engines don’t find the site and cannot bring the traffic.

Landerapp has created an infographic about what you should consider making a SEO friendly website. In short, the first factor you need to consider is the domain history. One shouldn’t register a domain which had got the Google penalty.

The second factor is having duplicate content. Search engines really dislike if your site has duplicate content and search engines (SE) will kick your site out of their database.

The third factor is creating valuable content regularly. Search engines provide the higher value to those websites which update regularly.

The fourth factor is internal linking. If you link to another related article visitors may find additional information and come back later.

The fifth factor is using keywords and phrases efficiently. There was a time when a website could rank easily if it had lots of keywords because SE gave value. Now you have to be careful about how many keywords you using. The suggestion is to use LSI keywords with primary keywords.

The sixth factor is optimizing image. Google is giving the extra value to the website if it using Alt tag and adding the description. Google Bot finds easily the image if the images have the Alt tag.

The seventh factor is mobile friendliness. Every day millions of people search the queries on Google using high-end mobile devices. So you must prepare your site responsive that mobile users may find your site.

Build an SEO Friendly Website [Inforgraphic]


         Infographic Credit: Landerapp

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