September 27, 2013

Google Introduces new search algorithm “Hummingbird”

Google, the most dominant search engine around the web, introduces the new search algorithm called “Hummingbird”. It uses such kind of system which sorts billions of information the user search and comes up with the most relevant and most meaningful queries. Amit Singhal told the reporters on Thursday that they have launched the new search algorithm about a month ago and this will affect almost 90% of the search queries. Why this algorithm called “Hummingbird”, because it means “precise and fast”. 


Everyday millions of people search billions of information on Google and ever since Google has been examining the better and complex search queries and now came up with the more intelligent search system. Google is the most dynamic organization which has been researching the best products for the people. Because of advance world people search more and more complex and long queries. The traditional keyword-based search systems didn’t match the users’ intention and that’s why the new search algorithm “Hummingbird” has evolved. It can sort the meaning and concept of the search queries and show the optimum result.

"Hummingbird" is the company's effort to match the meaning of queries with that of documents on the Internet, said Singhal from the Menlo Park garage where Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin conceived their now-ubiquitous search engine.

Using this new algorithm users can find conversational search and this system will understand the meaning behind the long and complex search term. Suppose you search for “pay bills using City bank” and the traditional keyword based search system sort the result by keyword “pay bills” and City bank” and brings the City bank home page, but new algorithm system sort the underlying meaning of the query and brings the specific page where you can pay the bills.

Hummingbird doesn’t affect the search engine ranking and current SEO policies and you will find more precise and intelligent queries for your search. 


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